Rugs are an integral part of home décor. After all, it adds a tint of elegance to your living room. It keeps your feet warm and protects the floor from external damage. Because it has so many roles, it suffers from lots of damage too. Babies and pets play, walk and even eat on the rugs. Within a few months, you would notice stains on the rugs. Deep carpet rug cleaning is required to keep the stains away. You could either choose professional rug cleaning services or clean the rugs at home. Here, you would know about the basic steps that you should follow while cleaning different kinds of rugs at home:

Check the Rug Material and Cleaning Code

Do you know that every material requires a different kind of cleaning? For example, leather rugs can’t be washed. Only rug dry cleaning is needed for cleaning delicate and soft fabrics. So, it is important to check the fabric before selecting the cleaning method.


If you want to clean rug at home, then ensure that you remove the dirt particles, allergens and debris before cleaning. For deep cleaning, you can buy vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters. These kinds of vacuum cleaners are able to extract minute particles from rugs.

Stain Removal

It could be impossible to keep the rugs free from stains for a long time. Many types of stains such as pet urine stains, mud stains, blood stains, vomit stains, food stains, coffee stains and water stains appear on the rugs with time.

Whenever you spot a stain on a rug, use a towel or blotting paper to remove it. Remember that scrubbing the stain could make the situation worse. So, gently pat the towel and remove the stains. Here is what you could use to remove stains:

White Vinegar Solution

You could take a spray bottle and make a solution by mixing white vinegar and water. Then, you could spray the mixture on the stains and allow it to work for about 10 minutes. The stains would dissolve in the water because of vinegar. Then, you could simply use a wet cloth to remove the residue.

Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide

Some hard stains such as blood stains and vomit stains could cause infections. So, it is important to treat them as soon as possible. One teaspoon of ammonia and almost half a cup of hydrogen peroxide are required for making a stain removal solution. Stains are generally treated with spot treatment. You can apply the solvent to the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours. Stain would be removed with this method.

Wash the Rug

When particular stains are removed, the rugs could be cleaned with water and detergent. Before you use water to clean the entire carpet, do a patch test. If the colour bleeds, you need to stop. If it is safe to clean the rugs with water, you may use shampooing or hot water technique.

For cleaning the rug, you should use a mild detergent. The temperature of water also plays an important role in carpet rug cleaning. Hot water could shrink the rug. So, use warm water for cleaning synthetic fabric and cold water for cleaning woollen fabric.

Dry the Rugs

Once you have washed the rug, don’t forget to dry it properly. At home, people don’t have advanced equipment. But, they can open the windows and doors. You could also switch on the fan and increase the drying speed.

Now you know how to clean a rug without taking professional help. You could incorporate these methods in regular cleaning of your rugs.

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Is There Any Need for Professional Cleaning?

Yes, of course! Professional rug cleaning service must be booked at least once or twice a year. You could also hire the experts before a new season or a party. Professionals have years of experience. They know the dos and don’ts of rug cleaning. In fact, they use modern machines and excellent techniques to make the rugs look flawless. They take minimum time and yield the best possible results. Here is a list of techniques that experts use for thorough cleaning:


It is a common method of rug cleaning that involves the use of water. If your rug is washable, then the cleaners use shampooing method. It effectively removes the stains and debris from the rugs. A shampooing machine makes the lather on the rug by mixing water and shampooing. Gentle scrubber rotates and removes the dirt particles.

Rug Dry Cleaning

Professionals know how to clean a rug that is expensive and delicate. To clean intricate and water-sensitive rugs, the cleaners make use of dry cleaning technique. In this method, a dry cleaning solution is rubbed on the top surface of a rug. Dirt particles and stains are removed with this technique. Lastly, a vacuum cleaner is used to suck the residue. It is considered the safest method.

Hot Water Extraction

It is a modern method where hot water is used to eliminate the dirt from the rugs. Different types of stains and odours are also treated with this method. It is an eco-friendly and health-friendly method.

Steam Cleaning

Experts use this method to clean the rugs deeply. Steam is formed continuously in a device. The steam is used to dissolve the spots and destroy the germs. Basically, this method sterilises the rugs as well. Moreover, the steam does not make the rug too damp. The drying time would be less than hot water extraction and shampooing. But, make sure that you hire an experienced cleaner. Even the machine should be of high quality.


Cleaning a rug is important for the health and beauty of your living room. For regular maintenance, you could follow the beginner-friendly guide provided by us. Apart from DIY cleaning, you should also ask the experts to clean rug at home. They would use the latest methods in the correct way to bring back the life to your rugs. If you want to book professional service, then you could contact Emergency Flood Restoration Sydney.

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