Carpet is an integral part of your room decoration. They do their work all the time. Do you clean them frequently? If not, then it is time to take steps. Wet and dry water damaged carpet cleanings are popular in Australia. If you do not know the difference between these two, then this post is for you.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet cleaning uses water to rinse and scrub the surface area. It is highly effective against dirt and germ cleaning. Two popular wet cleaning methods are steam cleaning and hot water extraction. Sydney is a location where you get all these services.

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

This method uses hot water (heat up to 100 degrees Celsius) to eliminate dirt and germs. Professionals use a chemical to make the method more effective. As it uses direct water, it takes time to dry.


  • It is the best method of deep cleaning.
  • Most manufacturers prefer this method of carpet cleaning.
  • It is the most popular method in Australia.


  • It takes time to dry.
  • It is a costly solution.

Steam Cleaning

Professionals use water steam to kill the germs. It is more effective as a sanitization method rather than deep cleaning. Most people use HWE and steam cleaning interchangeably, but these are two different methods. Even many manufacturers sell steam cleaning machines as hot water extraction cleaner.

In short, steam cleaning uses less water and cannot deep clean the surface, but if you need a quick-drying solution, you can choose steam cleaning.


  • It is the best sanitisation
  • More effective against germs and viruses.
  • It uses less water, so it dries quickly.


  • Regular machines can do this effectively.
  • Costly solution.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses a special machine to inject the chemical into the fiber. These chemical compounds accumulate dirt and germs. After 15 minutes, specialists use vacuums to remove the chemical particles. It is an affordable, easy and quick solution.

Dry cleaning is also known as bonnet cleaning because many service providers use bonnet to inject the chemicals into the fibers.

Many commercial and residential property owners use it as a primary cleaning method, but you should deep clean carpets three times a year.


  • It takes less time to dry.
  • It is effective against dirt and germs.
  • It is an affordable solution.
  • Many corporate property owners choose this method because it does not use water.


  • It would be best if you had special equipment to implement this method.
  • Only professionals can prepare the best chemical formula to clean the carpets.
  • Many people do not like the chemical smell.

Can You Rent or Buy a Steam Cleaner?

Many homeowners cut the cost of cleaning by buying or renting a steam cleaner. However, you will find that regular steam cleaners do not heat the water like an industry-grade professional water extraction cleaner because they come with a low horsepower engine that cannot heat or clean the surface like professional machines.

You can use vacuums for regular cleaning, but if you want deep cleaning, you should prefer water damage carpet restoration services because they have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure a better result.

Can You Dry Clean Your Carpet Yourself?

Dry powder is an effective compound for dry cleaning at home. However, please vacuum the carpets to remove loose dirt and dust particles. Now spray the dry powder on the carpet and use a brush to inject the compound into the carpets. Now, wait for 15 minutes before having another round of vacuum. In these 15 minutes, the compound breaks the dirt and germs to ensure effective cleaning.

Dry cleaning uses a minimum amount of water as a form of application solvents, so it dries quickly. Dry cleaning powder is available online; you can buy one and apply it in your home. It will show you the result instantly.

Final Verdict

We recommend our clients maintain a habit of regular carpet cleaning. Simple regular vacuuming is enough to keep your premises clean. However, if you face water damage or need deep cleaning of your carpet, then you should consult with water extraction Sydney specialists. You may apply DIY solutions for minor damages, but you should not take the risk of deep cleaning without proper training and knowledge.

Please do not take this lightly. If you have not cleaned the carpets for a long time, it is the best time to book an appointment with us.

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