Best Way to Extract Water from Carpet

If you are a victim of flood damage, you need experts to remove the standing water. You should not apply DIY solutions because any negligence may lead to chronic diseases and complete structural damage.

If you suspect that your property is damaged by black water, you have 24 hours to clean the area; otherwise, it leads to mould growth. It would be best if you hire us for quick water extraction Crawford River services.

Initial Inspection

Before providing our assessment details and quote, we inspect the area and analyse the risk, potential source of floodwater, and many other aspects.


First, we move your furniture and electrical appliances away from the damaged area. We set up our equipment to start the cleanup process.

Water Extraction and Drying

We use truck-mounted machines and sump pumps to remove the standing water. With the help of moisture detector tools, we detect hidden water and moisture. Dehumidifiers, wet vacuums, fans and blowers help us to dry the area properly. It takes a couple of hours. In some cases, if it takes more time, we will come back at your convenient time and complete the restoration process.


We sanitise the area to prevent mould growth. We use a special shampooing formula and chemicals to ensure the best result.


We complete the process when temperature, moisture levels come within the normal levels. After completing the restoration process, we will provide you with our service report.

We provide services like sewage cleaning, carpet cleaning and carpet water extraction. Crawford River is a major location where we provide our services. Please call us for an express booking.

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Many homeowners in Australia use these terms interchangeably. However, these are two different methods. You can call both of them a water extraction service. Crawford River is a location where we provide both of these services.


A cleaning solution is applied to the surface for hot water retraction. The shampooing formula breaks down the dirt and eliminates them from the fibres. After that, hot water is released to clean the fibres. Both dirt and water can be extracted in these methods. In steam cleaning, the water is heated at a high temperature and released on the carpet. It helps to suck the particles and moisture from the carpet.

Water Involved

Hot water methods use more water than steam cleaning. However, hot water steam is used in steam cleaning. It uses more electricity than water.


Steam water uses more electricity to heat the water. Professionals apply 200 Degree Fahrenheit for hot water extraction and up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for steam cleaning. That is why steam cleaning is more effective than the hot water extraction process.

Drying Time

Hot water takes more time in drying because it uses more water. However, we use a truck-mounted machine to dry the carpet quickly after hot water extraction.


Indeed, steam cleaning is more costly than hot water extraction. However, you should not worry about it. Call our Water Extraction Crawford River professionals to analyse the conditions and choose the best method to clean your carpets.

You will get an express booking if you inquire. Hire the best water extraction service provider in your locality.

Benefits Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Forget about DIY solutions; call professionals to get the benefits of expert cleaning services. Most homeowners find DIYs as a cost-effective solution, but a professional water extraction service will save you money in the long run. Professional hot water extraction is an effective way to clean your carpets.

Deeper Cleaning

Hot water extraction is capable of eliminating dirt, germs properly. Most of the other methods clean carpets from the surface level. If you think your carpet is clean, it is still polluted. That is why you need a professional deep water extraction service. Crawford River is a location where we provide our emergency services.


Hot water extraction does not use any toxic chemicals like other methods. Most DIYers use detergents, which is harmful to nature. Hot water extraction is the only eco-friendly method of carpet cleaning. Moreover, it uses less energy to clean carpets.

Residue-Free Carpet Cleaning

Residue remains if you clean the carpets with shampoo. It is hard to eliminate. Hot water extraction is the ultimate way to eliminate residue effectively.

However, hot extraction is a tough method, and only experienced professionals can set the right temperature for carpet restoration. Please make sure the service provider knows how to deal with the carpets. Always choose a reputed carpet water extraction Crawford River service for the best experience.

All our professionals are IICRC certified to do this job for you. If you want to clean damaged carpets, please call us for the best services in your locality.

Why Choose Us

If you want a reliable service provider in your locality, then Water Extraction Crawford River should be your first choice.

We have worked with many residential and commercial clients and understand your requirements. With our hard work, skills and honesty, we have gained trust and authority in your locality.

All our professionals are IICRC accredited and experienced to respond quickly in tough times. We use industry-grade equipment to do this job for you.

Moreover, we provide end-to-end services, which means you will get all flood restoration related solutions under one roof. We charge reasonable fees for our services.

If you need emergency Water Damage Restoration Sydney reinforcement, please call us for an express booking.

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